Any one know where I can buy the two bottom fairing joiners for a 1995 Ducati 750ss, I’ve hunted through EBay but no luck :smiley:

Might be worth trying JHP ducati coventry, they might be able to get hold of some.

They do appear on eBay from time to time so worth setting up a daily notification in case any appear. There were 2 different sellers with them about a month ago as a friend was looking for them and I found them for him.

If I remember correctly the part was used across different models not just the SS. I think the same part was used on the Paso and 907.

You can buy the rubber nut holders, bolts and washers on eBay so you only need the metal plate itself. It is a very simple part and any local engineering workshop could make them if you cannot find them elsewhere. If you want to go down this route I can take measurements from one of my bikes.