Some ideas please to sort the problematic side stand out on my 1992 851 you know the type that is too far forward and then decides to spring up at the most un opertune time. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Should I change the spring? or the spring plate? or grind the pivot nut off or just…
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I’ve only owned two modern Ducati’s and the first thing I did when I got them is grind the return pivot off as I’ve never trusted anything that tries to drop a 400lb + motorcycle on me when I’m least expecting it :smiley: , Many years a go I set off with my sidestand down on a Suzuki GS750 and nearly put myself into a wall , Ever since then I have always looked to make sure my stand is up so could never see the need .

Not to sure what you mean by to far forward ? do you mean that the leg extends to far forward so that the bike leans excessively ? Do you have a 900 supersport stand fitted ? as if I recall correctly this is a little shorter that the 851 stand but it does come in all aluminium hence they find there way onto the 851’s to replace the steel fittings , If it’s the original stand with the steel mounting a blob of weld and a file should get you sorted :wink:

The 851/888’s have alloy sidestands.
The 888’s have an alloy pivot/mounting bracket though!

Steve R (Southern version)

Paul Steve thanks for replies
If I grind the pivot down on mine the end had a what I would describe as allen key type hole recess if I grind this away will it have any adverse effects on bike and stand remaining together :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Also just renewing coolant hoses (samco) through out would you suggest filling by radiator cap or expansion tank on left hand side.
Mine the late 851 1992 with 888 engine.
Are you both going the Northern ???
Cheers Timbo

I didn’t make myself to clear Steve , It’s the bracket I was referring to rather than the complete stand assembly . My bad .

Sidestand, I agree grind off the pin that the spring wotsit hooks round on the pivot and you have a sidstand that no longer auto retracts.

I too have memories of a sidestand digging in while on the move so i fitted a simple 12V red LED at the dash and connected this up to the sidestand switch, i think you will need the later alloy bracket to take a switch? The bright LED is on whenever the stand is down and is great. PIck up a live almost anywhere at the front, i put a double spade on the front brakelight switch and it takes 20 minutes.

LED available from ebay under the pimp up your ford fiesta section or Halfords I guess.

Be safe and fit the warning light

Sorry but the steel pivot plate also has a place for the side stand warning switch, on my "92 851 the blo*dy thing never stayed in adjustment, I’d set it up go for a ride and it would be flashing at me before I got home!
In the end I just removed the thing, it couldn’t tell me any more lies after that.
I’ve done the same with most of the warning lights.

Steve R