888 Alloy subframes

Hi have just finished making a jig to produce 888 alloy
weighs just under 2kg
strada subframe is 5.3kg
Hard to find these days
Contact Steve. Sb007gy411@blueyonder.co.uk
Some pics on fb docb page :smiley: :smiley:

Hi Steve,

I think you should point out that these are for the single seat conversion* like those fitted to the 888SP4,5 and 888SPO/SPO ltdโ€™s.
Also that it will fit the '92 (last model) 851โ€™s as well as the 888โ€™s and that at 2kgs they weigh a lot less than the OEM steel subframes fitted to the Stradaโ€™s.

*Like the seat unit in my avatar.

Steve R

They look pretty good and that is a lot of weight saving, I hope they do well for you.

Thanks for the comments:-) yes they will fit late 851 aswell
Exhaust brackets can be in the strada or SP position.