916SP (1994) cutting out when hot...

Having a few technical issues with the SP, … cuts out when warm (feels like its being fuel starved as its a gradual dying of engine, not an abrupt cutout or loss of electrics… etc), but only when its hot. Leave it 10mins and it’ll start again, then the same behaviour repeats. Going into the shop for diagnosis but I’ve read/been advised on probably causes - everything from plugs (which are new), HT leads (been tested, seem ok), coil packs (unknown at this stage), fuel tank breather hose, fuel pump itself (sounds a bit lazy when pressurising before firing her up) etc etc … sigh! No doubt I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually (throwing in the towel just isn’t allowed!). Really frustrating though as the weathers getting better… :slight_smile:

Any views or advise welcomed folks, cheers.

Lazy fuel pump and fuel starvation sounds like blocked fuel filter.
That would be my first port of call and its a fairly simple DIY job.