998S Tyre Selection?

Just wanted to hear from anybody with similar machine to see what sort of tyres they have fitted and how they get on with them?. I’ve had my 2002 998S for two years now and have always stuck with Pirelli Diablo’s until this summer in France. I had always been uneasy with them in wet conditions as the rear always seemed to let go in corners. Went off to southern France this year with what looked like perfectly good tyres, after approx 1200 miles on decent roads a rather un-nerving strip appeared on the rear tyre. It soon became apparent this tyre was not going to get me home so mid holiday we found a motorcycle dealer and I had a replacement rear fitted. No Pirelli’s available so I took a chance and had a Michelin Pilot Road 2 fitted, the fitter advised it would be ok with the front Diablo for a little while but should be matched up when I got back to the UK. Left the dealer and hey presto it started to rain, as you can imagine I road carefully to say the least. Despite the wet conditions within 20 miles I was riding as well as I ever had and felt confident in bends , corners and on roundabouts, it was a revelation. The remaining 3 days of the trip felt fine too and having got home to the UK and had the front matched up its an absolute transformation. I know tyres are a personal choice but I know I’ll be sticking with Michelins in future; has anybody else had similar experiences or am I just being picky?.


My 916 Biposto came with Dragon Corsas on when new in 97, then I ran Avon 49+59s for several years, - the Cadwell race school 748s and 996s were using them at the time so I thought they would be good enough for me, then had a spell on Bridgestone 014s.
45.000 Miles total

Used Avon Vipers on the 916SPS for a start, now on Diabolos.
15,000 Miles so far.

Never had any real problems, but maybe I just don’t ride hard enough.

Never been tempted to pay the extra for Michelins cos I don’t think I would notice the difference.

Perhaps there are particular tyres that don’t work on particular bikes, but unless you are on optimum suspension settings and really pushing it hard, I reckon its all down to personal confidence.


Just run some 190/55 17 Pirelli Supercorsa BSBs on my 998 - absolutely stunning grip!