A new forum member from the Isle of Man


I have been a club member for a while but have only just joined the forum.

Since I was 17 and bought my 1st motorbike (250 Mach 3) I have only ever owned Ducatis. I currently own the following:

1964 160 Monza Junior
1979 900GTS
1982 600SL Pantah
1989 750 Indiana
1992 907ie
1996 Cagiva Elephant (a ducati except for the badge)
2002 ST4s

Along with a couple of fellow local Ducati riders I have just set up the Isle of Man branch of the DOCGB.

Looking forward to seeing you all during TT week


Good Man!

Great news about a Branch on the IOM. Look forward to meeting up with you at the TT this year.

Where are you based and where do/will meetings take place?

All the best,

Quite a collection you have there. Look forward to meeting you and seeing some of them.
Will be on the island for race week, so may see you at the Creg or Laxey or elsewhere.

Not long to go now.