Anything happening?

Well whats occuring out in the world of the DOC members?

I’ve not been on here for ages, nor have I ridden my bike for ages (broken ribs = no bike riding, and can only manage a couple of miles in the car, although I can walk up the pub!!! :smiley: )

Did those racers go for as much as they said in the Stafford auction, and were they bought by anyone from Pembrokeshire?

I’m bored.

Ah well time for some more Codine!


fair play, no bike, a bit of car but still walking to the pub :wink: , i take my hat off to you sir :smiley: .

Hi Keith,
So how did you break your ribs?
Did Barbara read the bit you posted on the e-mail list about how many blowjobs are considered enough?
The argument that followed resulting in you getting a kicking? :laughing:
Hope you feel better soon.

Steve R The much slimmer version from down South! 28lbs gone now in 9+1/2 weeks.

PS. Tonight I’m mostly quaffing Spanish Red, 3 bottles for £9 in the Spar.

Keith, we’ve got quite a good monthly meeting going up here in the West Mids (so far), and we’ve mostly been doing the Stafford show this week, with camping, great laugh…mine’s a nice Merlot Steve! :slight_smile: You’ve missed the best weather of the year! :cry: Kevin.

I fell out of the cab of a train, hitting my chest on the cab floor as I went, landing on the ground, then rolling into the maintainance pit. Nothing serious really!

I dont think my recovery has been helped by me catching a right stinker of a cold, every cough is real fun!

Um, I dont remember the blow job e mail. Have I missed somthing?

ask kev about falling out of things, hes a real expert after a bit of red :smiley: