Aspiring 748 owner

Hi all

I’m hoping to pursue my dream of owning a Ducati at last. Having sold my Nissan 350z, I have some money in the bank and a big empty space in the garage. I’m a V-twin lover at heart as I owned an RSVR for many years and loved it. But having had a break from bikes for the last 2 years I must now re-scratch the itch.

My plan is to go for a 748, this is largely budget based, and the fact that I’ve always like them. I know that they’re not particularly quick, but I don’t ride for speed any more, so sweat handling, mega V-twin sound and something to grin at in the garage is all top of the list.

I’ve seen a few on Ebay and autotrader for around the £3500 - £4000 mark, which is about right for me, maybe I can go a little higher for the right bike.

Is there a classifieds section on here? Is there anyone here selling or know of a well loved 748 for sale?

I’m based in Kent / SE London so local is always nice, but not imperative, and would be extremely grateful/ thankful for any help on my quest in becoming a Ducati owner.


Sounds enough money to get one, no classified on the forum but there is one on the website

… and you can also advertise in the ‘wanted’ part of Panigale Parts’ on DOC GB’s magazine ‘Desmo’ :slight_smile:

Cheers for the responses guys. I did get at 748 this bank holiday weekend. The local thing kind of went out the window as I ended up driving to York (from Kent :astonished: ) and have just ridden in 350 miles home (via a friends house in Newbury) and it didn’t miss a beat. Love the look, ride and noise, but not so much the saw wrists.

[size=150]Fantastic new. Hope you have many great rides. Welcome to the forum, don’t forget to join the club, and visit you local Kent Branch.[/size]