So I’m sure you might have seen my name on the forum, so I thought it only right to come in here as i am the very proud owner of a 2007 Bip model 1000s with the essential Termi’s on it and a gorgeaous set of side fairings… really make the bike I think. Apart from that… completely standard… and I’m loving it.

And the baby is coming along well. Obviously i was quite spoilt, in that the bike came with the side fairings and Termis already. But in order to keep her in the great shape I got her in I have since had her in; Firstly I have fitted the DP Battery Guard. Great piece of kit! But to provide some extra protection (and because I love the look) I have also fitted a nice hugger. I did look at some nice Carbon ones, but with the whole theme and style of the bike I did not feel that it really went. So I got a nice red one… I think it looks great!

Unfortunately I was another of the guys not impressed with Ducati’s choice of forks. I can see that the simple looks does seem to fit in with the style, but OMG did they have to use such feeble springs?!?! So I have now also had the bike in to improve the springs and oil. Hopefully this should provide a cost effective solution to the problem.

I also agree with some comments made about the gearing of the bike… does seem to be too high, even just cruising in 6th on a dual carriageway it seem to be struggling and shuddering… need to knock it down a gear or two just to get some life out of her. So try taking her down a tooth on the front sprocket… lets see how this works???

So next job, what shall I do looks wise??? I had the side fairings with the traditional number boards on the side, but was trying to think of something else? I would really love to do a new take on the Mike Hailwood rep but with money being an issue (well we are in a credit crunch), I can’t afford a paint job - and to be honest decals seemed a good choice, at least then it is not long term so if the look loses its appeal with me I can simply take the decals back off again. I have started to sourcing vinyl decal fitters… but so far they either can not do it, or want the same price as a paint job. Go figure?

So I will keep you updated…

Anyway here’s me saying hello again…

and heres me saying hello.
really like the sport classics, but the side farings make a smart bike gorgeous i recon. :mrgreen: