Club t shirt

Could someone please tell me where I can purchase a club t shirt, thanks in advance

Hello Billyboy.
Yes, we do have some new 2016 regalia which we have had at the last few shows, Leigh Scott looks after regalia you can contact him via

Here are some photos, the t-shirt one isn’t very good as I just took it off to photograph!

[attachment=0]DOC GB T-Shirt 2016.jpg[/attachment]

£10.00 + postage

And some other items

[attachment=1]DOC GB Zip Sweater 2016.jpg[/attachment]

Zip Sweater £25.00 + Postage

[attachment=1]DOC GB Zip Sweater 2016.jpg[/attachment]

Hoodie £20.00 + Postage

[attachment=1]DOC GB Bodywarmer 2016.jpg[/attachment]

Bodywarmer £25.00 + Postage

[attachment=0]DOC GB Polo Baselayer 2016.jpg[/attachment]

Polo Baselayer £15.00 + Postage