Dead Multistrada 1260s

Help please! 2020 Multistrada 1260s. I was out in torrential rain the other weekend; got home parked up steering lock on. Next morning Dead bike! Right hand switch backlights stay on dimly, neither key makes bike system switch work BUT when I pressed the system switch the backlight goes off. 1600 immobiliser lights start flashing, system switch works and bike fires up. Has anyone had anything similar and what (and who) fixed it? It’s been to the dealer and they said they can’t find any sight of moisture anywhere, they are happy to replace any faulty part if it can be identified.

Not heard of that one before, sounds like something has got drowned, it could right itself when dried out.

I’m sure water got in somewhere; the bike’s been perfect since it started after the problem. As the dealer couldn’t find any fault or sign of water ingress I was hoping someone had a similar situation so I could suggest a fix if it happened again.

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