Do I really need to spend £16,750?

Spent two and a half hours on a Carbon Red Diavel demonstrator today, very enjoyable, but after handing back the key and doing a mile on the old Monster I realised how I could save a small fortune and still get a whole heap of fun out of riding a Ducati - keep the one I’ve already got!
Probably getting senile or something but by the time I got home any desire to replace the Monster had disappeared.
Mind you, I should probably book a ride on the 1100evo just to be sure…

Find an open road, pin the throttle and wooaah baby, that Diavel moves. New Monster allegedly coming soon with similar motor but your Monster is a nice one.

I know what you mean. I was close to buying a Pani when they first came out, but when I went to put a deposit down I was told delivery would possibly be November! Not wanting to collect a new bike in time for winter I waited. In the meantime I built my Radical Pantah project, and enjoy riding it so much the Pani has been shelved. To me it’s not the price of the bike, its the smiles it gives you. I guess thats why I’ve just bought a Cagiva Elefant!

[size=150]I keep thinking the same thing. I would love an 848 Streetfighter and planned to buy one next year. But every time I go out on my ST2 or especially the Monster I think why do I need the Streetfighter? What will it bring to the mix? (Apart from a bit more reliability or at least another bike to ride while I’m fixing the others)!
Still that is next year, so still have time to make my mind up.
You need to keep the Monster it’s a great bike.[/size]

I found an open road, pinned the throttle and could barely hang on to the bars, not sure exactly what speed I was doing but everyone else seemed to be going the other way, I was too busy getting round what is normally a gentle curve in the road and making sure no one was on my bit of the road! It stops just as quick!
But I was out on it for long enough to get over the initial “high” and ride as if it were mine and all that proved was that I would get no more enjoyment, just be a lot poorer.
A de-tuned version of this engine in a new Monster would be interesting if it becomes a reality.
For the time being if I really want to go quicker then I think I would be better off spending some money on learning how to ride the bike I’ve got.
Summer seems to have ended today round here.

I enjoyed my ride to Severn Valley and back on the Dark version, it’s just a beastie.

Just a bit of rain Colin, thought you guys wanted some !!! Just a blip, panic not


I recently spent a long weekend riding a Diavel around the hills of Bologna. Would I buy one? - Yes I would and in fact am already planning to do so.


That’s great news, Steve, another one to add to your collection! :wink:

I’m looking forward to seeing what the new Monster will look/be like when they announce it.
Just hope it doesn’t displace the 1100 evo from the lineup.