Does anyone use this forum

It seems a bit quiet on here?

oooh, oooh, me. i do :smiley: .
can be quiet but peeps do use it,

a bit :wink:

errr ummmm ahhh
me too I guess,
but I’m a newby so that probably doesn’t count


Hi yes we use it and need to use more. This is where it happens, where people try to make things happen, and where people looking for things to happen and take part in should be looking.

U know it makes sense.

Use it loads but it always seem to be the same names that crop up.
Got to be honest though and say dont think DOC committee members use it as often as they should and I can see why people say Ducatisti and Ducati up North forums attract more attention seems to be more going on…
The Wirral a great place to live

Well there are only 107 members who are registered on the forum, how many menbers does the club have?
I recon there’s about 20-25 who actually use it at the moment

Well, as a CoM member I use it :slight_smile:

Yes I know,but would be nice to see a few more names of those commitee members printed in Desmo using this forum. :frowning: :frowning:
It always seems to be the same old names…
Come on DOC members Im a firm believer in you get out of a club what you put in…
(sorry about rant,soap box now put away)
The Wirral a great place to live

What is a CoM? Is it Committee Member?

CoM is ‘Council of Management’ - Club Officials (see page 2 of Desmo for full list of who’s who …) :slight_smile:

Yes, would be great to see more CoM members using the forum :slight_smile:

I also agree that you get out of the club as much as you put in, but there are many members who are happy enough to just to buy regalia / have the mag / use the discounts - by the very nature of the bikes we have an interesting mix of members :slight_smile:

I’m already working on a couple of events in the sunny sarf for next year which I hope more members will attend - watch ‘Desmo’ for further news :wink:

Who’s next for the soapbox???

Yes, there are those of us who use the forum quite a lot. After the recent article in Desmo you’ve got to hope that more members will start using it too.

I don’t often post in the ‘anything else’ section, the main areas I look in being the racers, singles and bevels as well as checking the local branch info.
Although the DOC forum doesn’t get as many posts as some others, I do think that in most of the sections there’s more useful stuff going on where people are helping each other out without the same levels of random chit-chat as on some other forums.

Just my personal opinion.



The forum really needs to be used more as its a great online community.

I run a bike forum myself and also frequent others and they can be a stand out part of any club…