Face book Do more people use it than this


Do more members use face book , than this forum .
Regards Brian


For branch activities and social stuff yes, we are trying to get this into a more technical forum


I prefer the site . Not a lover of fb


Which is your local branch. The branch rep should send out e mails as long as you have registered on the website and clicked you want info to be e mailed


I think you raise a very valid point. I see a lot of technical questions being asked on FB. I would personally rather see them here as it’s much easier to follow the thread and find info later.


Thanks . I agree with you on that one , I think that’s why I joined to be part of the forum . I still need to find my membership No ’ to get on the FB thing


You don’t need membership number to get on Facebook, it is open, I am trying to get a lot of the old posts on this forum removed, the good thing about posts here are you can find them, unlike Facebook


So it it open to all public if so why are we paying a membership. A little confused.


It is just a Facebook page to show what we are about, lots more to the club than just the Facebook page

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Ok . Not trying to make anything of it Martyn . I just agree with domiracer 1957 . If you start a thread for example like this one it is easy to keep track of comments , advice ect . Or if you search something that sort of thing .


I agree, if you try to find something on your Facebook feed you’ve no chance, here it should be able to be found, a bit of work to do in the background


It is found on here and the connection is linked.


Facebook has its place I guess, people tend to be always logged in. So if you post to the club FB page you know people are more likely to see it sooner than on here, which would be next time they log in.
Would be great for here to be more popular tho and to know people were going to see your post as quickly. It is of course DOCGB members only here, so a better place to talk Ducati all round.