Handlebars, tyres & forks

I’m new to Ducati; bought this 2004 Monster 620 a few weeks ago.
In many ways this is a lovely 'bike, but there’s a few things that need to attend to:

  1. Handlebars! their low and forward position put a lot of weught on my wrists. Any advice where to buy ones that are an inch or two highr & which ones to look for?
  2. I have Pilot RoadZ tyres and they are not worn too much. However, I don’t find their level of grip very good on wet or adversely sloping surfaces, particularly the front one. Pressures are 30psi front, 33 psi back. I don’rt ride hard & fast. Any advice on ones to go with, please?
  3. A lesser issue, but front suspension seems particularly hard and I did expect this to some extent. Has anyone tried a different fork oil?

All advice gratefully received.

[size=150]Hi and welcome.
I have had a 620 monster since 2002. The tyres I had put on early this year are the best I have had. This summer has been a ball with the extra grip and they are wearing ok for soft tyres. Avon Supersport[/size]