hello from lancashire

Hi all, heres looking forward to a decent summer (fingers crossed), hope for plenty of runs out on me monster…

I think we all agree with you there… :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you on a few rides, see you at the Thatch and Thistle sometime.

Don’t forget that articles and pics about Monsters are required for the next issue of Desmo …

Hiya Martyn, as Paul might have told you, backshift has clashed with thatch meets until may (nowt I can do about it i’m afraid), hoping to take in some runs out though and will be at the may meeting.
As Desmo mentioned write ups n pics, will see what i can do, whats the process for sending write ups to the mag?
we’re at the right end of the winter now, spring is coming
cheers all, see you soon

Martyn… what runs out are planned in april / may with the east lancs branch?

Anything for Desmo - please send in ‘Word’ format and jpeg pics to editor@docgb.net Thank you :wink:

Don’t know yet fully, meet tomorrow I will have a leaflet for Mac or send me your e mail address and I will send one to you.

ok Martyn, will have a natter wi mac about whats up n coming, might take in spring national at olivers mount if its a decent day

Sounds good, Mac took a sheet last night, still not loads going on but getting busier.