Hello from West London

At last. I am here again after a few years away from the club. My name is Gustavo Vitolo and I am the happy owner of a 2005 Ducati 999. It is my third Duc after enjoying the Monster line (M620 and M695) for about 7 years. Last July I started my super bike journey and it has been an amazing experience. My dreamed bikes at the moment: Ducati 898 evo Corse (2012 version) and Multistrada 1200s. Lets see what happens this year.

hello and welcome back!
Hope you’ll be able to bring your bike along to Horsham Piazza Italia this year? (18th April 2014) It would be a most welcome addition

[size=150]Welcome back.[/size]

Thank you Desmo and Cap. I am definitely taking my baby to the festival!

That’s great news! Look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile: