Hey up

Finally got round to registering after a few years of membership., instantly recognisable as the bloke with the Laverda, that is always ruining the shot.
At least I can always find it.
Just also like to thank Kev for organising the SVR, what a great doo and my best rally yet. Hope catch up with the usual suspects at the next gathering.
Cheers Al

Thanks Al, couldn’t be done without yours and everyone elses help…you know who you are.
like the forum name too …very Orange!

And as if by magic here it is ‘ruining’ the shot, at the SVR it does sound great Al :smiley:

And again, adding a hint of orange to the ride out!

It will be a touch of Black Magic next time and not the chocolates. :wink: :wink:

Hello Al, glad you made it onto here, it can be quiet but the only way to get busy is to use it !!!