Hi from Chi

After 30 years on Honda’s, I picked up my Multi S Touring on 1st May and have hardly been off of it! It was Richards fault (CMW Chichester). All I did was take in my Blackbird for an MOT then the next thing I knew I was hurtling down the A27 on the Multi demonstrator.

That was last August and I finally cracked in April and ordered my first Ducati. Over the last ten years I’ve only averaged just over 2000 miles a year but I’ve clocked up 4000 miles on the Multi already. I’m lovin’ it!!

See you on the road


welcome to Ducati ownership and the forum! Hope you’re enjoying your bike? Look forward to seeing you at Horsham Piazza Italia next Easter!

Welcome Kevin. [size=150][/size]

Welcome to the club/forum :smiley:

Glad to hear it, a very warm welcome