Hi from Surrey

Hi folks, just in the throws of getting a '93 750ss. My first duke, but the last ten years have been spend on beemers (due to my weekly 500 mile commute around the motorways to Kent). Prior to that there has been a succession of jap bikes (since 1978). I reckon that the duke should be a interesting change in pace to say the least!



Hi Richard

Welcome to the forum, for me the 2v bikes are the best, I hope you have as much fun as I have with mine,
Will we be seeing you at this years Horsham Piazza on Good Friday? just give Jilly an email editor@docgb.net to book a sport.

Forgot to ask were in Surrey are you, as at this moment I am in Horsham.

Welcome from Kent :wink:

Just to narrow it down a bit - I am near to Epsom. The Horsham bash looks interesting, but I have a suspicion that I may not have much free time around then - how much notice is needed to participate?

Thanks for the welcomes!



Hi Richard, welcome to the DOC GB forum and Ducati ownership - enjoy!
Hope you’re going to book for Horsham Piazza Italia, 18th April.

welcome aboard.
the 750ss are a cracking bike, that 2v motor is a gem. enjoy it.

Hi Richard, there’s no Branch in Surrey at the moment and until something better comes along can I invite you to our Kent Branch, particularly as you commute into the county. There are at least a couple of people from the Gatwick area who come to us.

We have a page in this forum, but most of our activity is co-ordinated via Facebook (www.facebook.com/groups/docgbkent/)

We meet on the 4th Sunday of each month at Mickey’s Diner, on the northbound carriageway of the A229, near Maidstone.




Thanks for the invite - I may well take you up on your offer! I work in Chatham (going up the A228) - so the Diner is not far off a very well worn path!