Hi Guys...First time I'm afraid ?!

Hey Guys,

My name is Nathan, and I live in Ilford and work in London (City). So I hope I can get to meet up with the London or Essex Branch in the near future.

I’ve had my 748 for a few years now …the wife affectionately calls it the ‘Mistress’…not too sure if she is joking though(?)…
The Goose -1.JPG

Hello, you are not in your own, we all have mistresses !!! Quite a few have also outlasted the wives …

Hi Nathan, welcome!
Nice 748 and it’s yellow! I had the privilege of starting up the first 748 imported into the UK - and it was yellow (right colour imho!)
(And I’m not going to get drawn into the ‘mistress / wife’ debate :laughing: )

Hey Martyn748 & Desmond… I see your names everywhere you guys must be the Dons! I hope I can buy you both a drink real soon.


FYI - “Martyn748” is the club chairman and “Desmo” (not Desmond) is Jilly our magazine editor.


Thank you Steve P. Apologies if I offended anyone. (Boy do I feel stupid) :confused:

No need to feel stupid and nobody will be offended. You had no way of knowing. I am sure Martyn and Jilly will post something to reassure as well.

I expect it may have been ‘spell check’ or ‘predictive spelling’ with ‘Desmo’. No worries, I’ve been called worse (no offence to anyone called Desmond on here!) :slight_smile:

Ha ha Desmond, that’s good, yes drink sounds good, don’t worry, we are a friendly bunch !!!