Hoping you have a good sense of humour

The best Monster I ever had…


When I posted the picture of my ZZR1100 outfit on the ZZR forum, they were most displeased- although that was probably because I announced that I had improved the handling!

never rode a zzr1100, but rode an early 1988ish zx10 and nearly papped in my trollies. very fast but also very scarey :astonished: :astonished:

What did the chair do to the Monsters handling Keith?
I remember being most impressed when you broadsided to a stop on arrival at the Merlin one year, without even waking up young William, who had clealy found it all a bit too much!

Steve R

P.S. I’ve spent all of the last couple of days sprucing up the old Bevel ready for a trip to Bristol tomorrow.
It took me over 4 hours to do the rims, I think I got ‘High’ on the smell of the Solvo’, or it could have been the few bottles of nice red that I’ve got through…
I HATE cleaning bikes, it’ll be a wipe over with an oily rag before the TT, I’ve removed the full race system and put the Stainless contis back on her, she’s running a bit rich now though so I’ll be playing with the jetting before the holiday…
She sounds pretty crisp though but just puffs a bit of black smoke when I smack the throttle open, I had a flooding problem on the rear carb, so I’ve just fitted some new floats as eveything else checked out OK.
The latest DelOrto floats are one piece plastic jobbies and are lighter than the old rubber and steel items, I can’t see how you’d adjust them though so I’ve just smacked them in…
I’ll see how they run tomorrow??
Are you heading down to Bristol?

Afraid i’ve been working on the outfit all day today, fitting my new modified oil cooler, in the gap between the bike and sidecar, and making bits to fit the Givi luggage properly, seeing as the £200 pounds worth of fittings were, in my opinion, not fot for perpose- bit of luck I have a lathe and welding equipment really really!

Oh and replacing the destroyed radiator.

As for the Bev, - well I have serviced her, but polishing out the battery acid stains from last years battery explosion has still not had much effect on either the rear wheel or exhaust and I still have not got round to fitting the new fairing screen.

She does sound nice though!

Just realized that both big bev and little bev’s MOT’s have run out this month, so thats somthing else to get done…

Hi Keith,
A little update on he floats, they can be adjusted as they have a small metal piece that bares onto the tip of the float valve, that can be bent…
I found this out after I’d put 2 gallons of fuel in to travel just under 60 miles and arrived at the fuel stop on just the fumes in the tank…
28 mpg. :blush:
Oh and late on Friday afternoon I found out that Beverly’s MOT ran out yesterday (Sat 26th).
Ness managed to tax her on line with only one days MOT left.
The other thing that shocked me was it cost over £25 to fill the tank, just over 21ltr’s, so it really was running on empty!

Steve R