It's 1984 again

THe Darmah just a few months old…ahhh
Mag the bag in No10 :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
Petrol’s about £1.80 per gallon. :open_mouth:
And donkey jackets were the latest thing in bike wear…apparently :smiley:

Ah- 1984, the year I saw Barry Sheene at Silverstone on the BBC from my Hospital bed after wheelying an RD 400 into the side of a van! :blush:

Ah the RD400, my mate had one 79-80, you could bearly keep the front wheel on the ground
even in 3rd! :smiley:
I on the other hand went for a KH400, which was bearly faster than the RD250 I sold it for.
And to ad insult to injury it chucked me off during a tankslapper at 60-70mph, ahh I can see it now, rolling end over end down the fast lane of the Manor Way Halesowen still overtaking a Chevette with smoke pouring off it’s locked up front wheels :blush:
It did look cool though…purple mmmm
Bloody Kwaks!

im very sorry to say that the bikes aged better than you :smiley: . :laughing: