Looking for.....

…an S4 or S4r.

Some of you are going to hate me for this, others wil smile, but our outfit tug, the ZZR is now dead meaning we are looking for a new tug, my chioce being another ZZR (boo hiss) or I also have a sidecar mounting subframe and fitting that came off the old 900 Monster outfit we had some time ago. As far as I can see the sidcar mounting subframe should fit the S4 or S4R (or the ST4 for that matter) easily enough, so One of these bikes is what we are looking into getting. The forks and wheels are going to be binned in favour of leading links and specialist 15" wheels, so please feel free to ram yours into a wall so I can have it cheap. Obviously the S4R has more power, but my EZL 15" rear wheel won’t fit, so i would need to spend out on a new rear wheel, meaning the S4 or ST4 are favourite.

Alternatively if anyone has a line on a complete standard engine running package of at least 100bhp (engine injection system, wiring loom) that would slot onto a 900M frame and swing arm I have sat about, that would do nicely.

So off you go and have a look what you can find more me.

Chp chop.