Manch/Cheshire dude here :)

Hey guys, got my first copy of Desmo this morning :smiley: So thought i’d pop in an say hello.

I’ve got an 06 749s with a few spangles, weathers shocking now for a month or two but once the weathers picks up i’ll be out and about!

And ofcourse i’ll be going WDW too so should be great fun :slight_smile:

I’ll stop rambling an post a few pics plus a pic of my VFR :smiley:

Hi Devans,
Greetings and welcome to the DOC GB :slight_smile:
Nice pics - you can always send them (with a few relevant words) to Desmo!

Lovely bike, well the red one, get to your local meet, you will have a bit of fun and meet some great people,as Jilly said put something in the magazine about how you came to own it.