Multistrada 1260s - end can options?

Im looking to replace the end can on my 1260s Multi when it arrives on saturday?
Not sure how end can and de-cat affects warranty so just looking at end can options at moment?

In an ideal world it will enhance the sound and looks but so may out there so any suggestions from those that know way more than me?

I was in a similar position. In the end have opted for the full system. Should be fitted in the new year. Can’t wait

I put the official termi on mine, looks 100x better and sounds a little better, I would say don’t go too loud, if your out touring for a few weeks with pillion on it will deafen them, at the end of the day it’s not a race bike so wouldn’t go too over the top.

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I agree don’t go to loud there is very little silencing in the end can most is on the cat
Have you made purchase yet