Multistrada instruments

I have been asked why some of the individual blocks/bars on the digital speedo have “disappeared” on a 03 Multistrada.
Is it water ingress or some other cause? He has had a fairly unbelievable quote for a new unit and Ebay has only yielded items with similar problems.
The only economical way out seems to be breaking the bike for spares but that sounds a bit over the top to me, is there a realistic fix?
Happy new year,

I do not think so and not an unfamiliar story, clocks are mated with ecu so both are required. Once one has been together they are then only any use together.

Although the instruments on mine are working fine,I noticed yesterday condensation on the inside. Presumably this is the initial reason for the eventual failure?


just read on the Multistrada forum that their is a way round this, in the USA their is a company that will reprogram the ECU so that you can fit another set of clocks. What we need now is for a contact in the UK that can carry out this service!