MY ST2 circa 1997 R reg

Bought as my ‘second’ ducati this year…love it :sunglasses:
A few pictures below:-

I had a spare scrap seat recovered in RED/ BLACK to try out the single seater look :exclamation:

I got rid of the TITAX (gold) brake/ clutch levers as they were too small for my XXXL hands !

very nice, im an st2 man too.
here in the west mids two of us, in a secret garage, late one night managed to perfect the art of coring st exhausts. thus producing a most glorious deep sound that is not loud, offensive or detrimemtal to fuelling. but sounds far better than the standard whispers.

Well I have a spare set of ‘Mint’ standard exhausts awaiting that kind of treatment in the new year :smiling_imp:

thats a top plan.
if you need any help, give me a shout.

Illegal coring Richy, that will never do !!!

I may well do as I’d like to do it without messing up the external appearance of the exhausts

Magwa :wink:

Yeah, it’d be a shame to make the ST2 look worse, if it’s possible! Actually it is, you could paint it green!! Here’s my fugly bike :smiley:

From its best angle!

Well I love the Fiat 500 behind it
( I’ve got one for HTMBO in the pale blue 1.3 diesel with 60plus mpg every gallon no matter how you drive it !)
but the Kermit the St2 takes a bit of getting used to me thinks :wink: You certainly will never park next to another one that colour :slight_smile:

an updated picture of my ‘fugly bike’ :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :sunglasses:

some ‘neoprene socks’ added to the front forks :sunglasses:

Richy can you come and do mine for me pretty please