Neutral Light in wrong place

Please help I have a 2006 multistrada 1000sds and the neutral light is now in the wrong place it now comes on just before you select 2nd gear I have renewed the switch amd its still the same It is like the selector drum has moved it still runs fine no noises but you have to have the clutch lever pulled in any ideas? :confused:

Had similar problem with a 996 and messed about with spacers behind neutral switch.was very fiddly and almost drove me mad but eventually got it sorted.was very suprised how sensetive this component was.this option at least means no engine stripping so best of luck.hope this helps but be warned im no expert just enthusiastic and too tight to pay workshop prices. :wink:

I just remove the F’kers that way they can’t tell me anymore lies* and there’s one less thing to go wrong.
After many years of riding bikes I find that I don’t need warning lights, they’re not known as ‘Idiot’ lights for nothing.
Just drop the bike into 1st then snick it up into neutral, it worked for years before they invented Idiot lights and it still works now. :unamused:

*This goes for the rest of the warning lights, none of them are needed even if they worked 100% of the time.
eg… If the oil pressure warning light actually worked it would already be time to strip the motor, it wouldn’t save sweet FA, you’ll soon know when the bigends are knocking.
The fact that it comes on whenever it feels like doing so just worries the owners, 99% of the time it’s the switch that’s gone tits up.
I (like the works race team) never fit these switches and I haven’t blown the bottomend out of a modern Ducati yet, despite riding a few hundred miles at 3 figure speeds after the light came on/refused to go out.
It was raining very heavily and Italian electrics don’t like that sought of weather, almost every light on the dash of my 851 came on at some time during the ride. :unamused:
Funnily enough the bike got home without any ‘Real’ problems what a surprise…Not!
Well maintained modern Ducati engines are pretty much bullet proof, but the electrics are still pretty piss poor.

Steve R