New from Boston

Having created a 100+ post on Facebook, thought I’d better introduce myself, my ST4 is my first Ducati, hope to meet you all at Wansford, and the Salutation Inn soon

Hello & welcome to the club Dave, I was that No 100!
See you out and about hopefully.
West Mids branch

Great stuff, hello, as you saw Facebook is an attempt to get more members and I mean members on here, welcome, you have just made it a little busier !! Look forward to reading posts and adventures and see you at a meet sometime.


… and welcome from me! :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Not seen your 100+ post, as I don’t do FB.
Be good to see you at the Salutation.
Its a bit of a trek from Boston, but on a sunny evening a thrash through the deer park followed by a blast up the Caistor high street makes it a decent ride out.


Thanks for the welcomes, I do go to the Salutation quite often, it is a good ride, been going through the Bardney bends, Wragby, Martket Rasen, Tealby, then the high street.