New member in Manchester

Hi everyone, I’ve recently moved to Manchester and have bought a Ducati Streetfighter (city congestion is so much easier to deal with when on a bike). Being new to the region, I don’t really know many people yet so I’m looking for ride outs in the area with fellow riders to kill two birds with one stone, ie, riding of course and socializing. If anyone can point me in the right direction to meeting up for these ride outs, it would be greatly appreciated. This is my first Ducati and I must say that I’m really impressed. Previously I rode a Fireblade and the differences between the two are noticeable. Thanks in advance.


Welcome, NeilN, pleased to hear that you’re enjoying your Ducati :slight_smile:
Just posted a reply to your other thread - check out the branch pages in ‘Desmo’ for details of local branches. Enjoy :wink:

Hi Neil.
Your local meet is at the Red Lion on the A 6 just outside of Bolton, details are in desmo. We meet on the last Wednesday of the Month anytime after 7.30 pm,

Frank (memsec)