New member - initial experiences & bikes

Hi folks,

Been a duke fan for many years, owned a few - Multistrada, 748BP, currently an ST4 and now (recent acquisition) 916SP … dream machine! :slight_smile:

The ST is presently up for sale Autotrader/ebay, wife says I can only keep the one :frowning: … so the 916 stays! obviously :wink:

Having a few technical issues with the SP, so will trawl about in the techi section … cuts out when warm (feels like fuel starved as its a gradual dying of engine… etc), but only when its hot. Leave it 10mins and it’ll start again, then the same behaviour repeats. Going into the shop for diagnosis but I’ve read/been advised on probably causes - everything from plugs, HT leads, coil packs, fuel tank breather hose, fuel pump itself (sounds a bit lazy when pressurising before firing her up) etc etc … sigh! No doubt I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually (throwing in the towel just isn’t allowed!).

Best regards all,