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Hi, my name is Keith and I’m from Plymouth. I’ve been riding a Ducati for two years now, although I’ve actually wanted one for 20. As this suggests I’ve been riding bikes for a while, since 1979. After much nagging this is the first owners club I’ve joined.

Hi Keith, welcome to Ducati Ownership and DOC GB, we’re quite a friendly lot! Once Guy gets back from WDW, why not meet up with him and others in the area? There’s also plenty of knowledge available from Mr R (who lives in Callington)
Incidentally, I lived in Plymouth for a couple of years - near the Tamar Bridge

Thanks for the welcome post.



[size=150]Not back from wdw yet, but welcome. Be good to meet you at a branch meet or event. Pm me you email and mobile number and I can keep you informed.[/size]