Newbie - Ducati MOT in Cornwall?

Hi Folks.

I have just joined the DOC, and I hope that you may be able to help with my query.

I’ve just moved to Corwall from Jersey, Channel Islands, and I’m going through the process of registering my 998 onto a UK plate.

I need to have her MOT’d, as we do not have such a thing in Jersey.

Can anyone recommend a Ducati friendly MOT centre in the general region of Truro?

Also, I have made many upgrades to the bike, including non-standard clocks, non-standard indicators, Dymags, HID headlight conversion, cast iron discs, etc. . Are any of these likely to case problems, and need to be returned to standard before the MOT?

Many thanks in advance for any advice that you can offer.


Hi Spin,

I’m in SE Kernow 1/2 way between Saltash and Lanson/Launceston, I’ve never had a problem getting any of my non standard/highly modified Ducati’s through the MOT.
If you have a problem getting it through give me a ring, I know where the DEAF MOT testers work. :wink:
01579 382522
Some MOT testers can knock back a bike if there’s too much play in the floating disc’s, a few of my mates have borrowed my spare front wheel/discs when this has happened.
I recently told a mate who’s a local MOT tester that he’d been testing the same front wheel for a few years now,
but it probably wouldn’t be happening again as we’ve found a source for the period early floating discs, like the ones fitted to the 851/888/748/916/996SP-SPS’s.

Are you the lad from the Channel Islands that had Chris at CJS tune his bike?
I’m up at CJS next tuesday to get the latest tune on my 851/916cc bike mapped.

Steve R