Hi, Just joined. I’ve got a 998R which I’ve owned from new. Haven’t done any radical mods, mostly cosmetic, doing in my opinion what Ducati should have done in the first place, I.E replacing plastic air tubes with carbon fibre ones.Only performance changes (other than Termi exhaust and chip) are the Brembo radial brake and clutch masters.

very nice, welcome aboard :mrgreen:

Hi Steve

Fairly quiet here as you have found elsewhere on the forum, but there are some of us here who do more riding than forum posting.

I do about 4000 miles a year on my '98 916SPS, and a few more on my '94 900SS.
I don’t have the IT skills to put a picture up on here, but if you pm me your email address, I will send you a pic of your old steed coming round Keppel Gate on the TT course a few weeks ago.

Have sent you a pm. I’ve managed to get out a bit more this year, but sadly generally when the weathers good for riding I’m busy at work. Hopefully get some miles done this Sept/Oct.

Welcome aboard, the more the merrier, stunning bike