rrrraaaaaahhh rrraaahhhh f******* b******* b****** rrrrrraaaaahhhhh wont start just wanna smash something rrrrraaaaggggh
why did’nt god make me a mechanic…

Ah, this must be one of the few forums where you can make such an odd posting, and yet instead of finding it an odd posting, the members nod there heds and say, yup, been there done that!

and got the t-shirt :smiley:

she is forgiven now. got me to France and back in the pouring rain did’nt miss a beat, well on the way home anyway. :smiley:

glad your getting on again. :smiley:

Don’t talk about her like that or you’ll be for it next time :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: