Something other than carbon cans

Just looking at fitting these to my old mongrel of a 851/888 , Personally I think they look great but I’m not sure everyone is going to agree with me :smiley:

Hi Paul,

I think you should leave these cans to the Tricolore’s, Lucci’s and 1988/89 race bikes really and sell them to me! or perhaps swap them for a pair of Cagiva 50/60mm open alloy cans and reall make some thunder and get attention as you fly by.

If you decide to part with them give me a shout especially if the left can has not suffered from sidestand auto retract one day


I wouldn’t worry to much Guy , the cans aren’t original 851’s , As best I can tell they came off of a Paso 906 according to the seller :unamused: but after a quick run over with a tape rule and comparing them to the 851’s original carbon cans they’re the same overall length and internal diameter so should be OK .


Nice cans though and I do have to say I smile every time I hear them,

Gave mine a good rubbing down as the black chrome was poor and a few coats of satin black exhaust spray from MotoWorld (who also have 851 lookalike mirrors) and they look great.

Quick paint job and off you go


OK all mounted and given a quick lick of paint

Hi Guy,
I have a pair of Stainless Steel replica’s of the original ‘Lucky Rep’ Tricolore reverse cone megga’s made by a craftsmen (MOD Welder) for his own SP2 or 3 he thought them too LOUD…
So he passed them onto me as a thankyou for help with his bikes as I’M A BIT DEAF YOU KNOW!
They’d need to have some brackets welded onto them to suit whatever hanger brackets you’ve got.
With a coat of Black paint or Chrome they’d probably look OK, they’re not polished or 100% perfect now but could be saved and wouldn’t rust!
Have you got anything that might be of interest to me to swap for them?
Or make me a not to embarrassing offer.
I’ve got 2 851 based specials, a 900SS Bevel and a 250 DESMO.