ST2 tyre sizes

Can any body help, need pair of tyres for my ST2, I am running a 170/60/17 on the back but lots of sites list a 180/55/17 as correct fitment, any one know if the 180 will fit my rim OK, Pairs listed with 180 section rears seem to be alot cheaper than 170’s. cheers, Mark

Hi mate,
I have a 2001 ST4S and I think the tyre sizes are the same as mine. The wheel rime in 5.50 x 17 and tyre size 180/55 - ZR17. I am now useing Michelin Road Pilot 3’s and find them great in both wet and dry. Hope this helps.

Check in your manual or with a good tyre fitter I ride an ST2 and you have option to fit 170 or 180 to rear. Think Ive got 180 fitted will check at lunchtime

Hi again checked my ST2 this morning and running the 180/55/ZR17 with no problems and have done for some time. It did have on the 170 at some time in the past

OK, Thanks for your replies, my rim is a 5.50 x 17 so going on what you both saying I think a 180 is going on and save myself a few £ in the process.
thanks again for your help

mine has a 180 on the back too :smiley: