hi guys, have had the duke for nearly 3 years now, and have noticed the Datatool Immoboliser is starting to play up, it could be the battery starting to go, I do have a spare, but broke it, trying to open it!!(oops!) so what/how do i get a new immobaliser, before it goes completly, and I cant get the Duke to start.

If it is an aftermarket one try and get it taken off !!!

I had a similar problem with the ST4, which was fitted with a Meta alarm.
I got in touch with their tech dept, who told me there was a way of disconnecting and effectively bypassing it.
Naturally, as I could have been any old tealeaf who’d just got back to the lock-up they would not tell me how, but would talk to a properly qualified auto electrician. As the bike couldn’t be moved and it is a long push to the nearest garage, i found a mobile guy to come and sort it. By the time he arrived I had all the bodywork off so he could get at it, and put him on to the tech guy from Meta. Obviously they have ways of checking the electrician is kosher, so they were able to tell him which wires to snip etc, and within half an hour it was in the bin and I had a running ST4 again.
So…best advice I can give is get to talk to the tech dept of the alarm manufacturer, and get them to talk a mobile auto electrician through the process.

I think I have got 2 key fobs if you want them.

I also had trouble with mine and according to the technical guys it was due to water/corrosion in the first connection down from the ignition switch. Clean that and it may sort the problem out.

I actually took mine off. Trace where wires go obviously power lead etc are easy. There was on mine two wires into as a series connection close to the ECU under the seat. Take the datatool wires out, rejoin the main loom wires back together correct colouring and taht should be it.

Northern R

Thanks for your information, very helpfull. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your information, very helpfull. :slight_smile: