Today I am going to wash my 900SS :smiley:

Hi Keith,
If you get stuck with this ‘Techie’ type of stuff, I’m sure Paul Leake can give you a few pointers…

Steve R (South)


today i went to my wifes award ceremony to see her recieve her bachelor of science honours degree. very proud :smiley: . still cant think how she ended up being married to a muppet like me though :unamused: .

Not wanting to upstage the ‘Polishers’ amongst us, but today I drained the oil from my old bevel and dropped the motor out…
The stud on the rear head has finally let go, the ‘Temp’ repair carried out 8 years ago has cried enough!
The motor partially siezed and lifted the rear cylinder head pulling out one of the studs, with a very impressive purple/blue flash exploding from the left of the rear cylinder head, less than a week before the WDW 2000.
I’ve sorted out the hardend threaded steel bush and I’m taking the motor into work to make up an engine cradle to hold it in the mill.
Then it’s a simple job to remove the fcuked helicoils and fit the ‘Recoil’ bush, the job should be a good 'un!
Fingers crossed!!!
As you know I took it steady at the TT, here’s a couple of facts my bevel covered 1,000.9 miles for the week and the top speed attained was 128.4 mph.
She was running way to rich at the topend and felt very flat at WOT.

Steve R

Sounded F@@@@ing great all the same!!!

Today I attended a 6 a side under 9’s football tournament and then took the family out in the bike/sidecar to Fox’s diner (our local bikers cafe), then we went on a 30 mile ride looking for ice cream.

Possibly the highlight of the day was seeing 5 Red Kites circling on the same thermal.

Now I am drinking Red wine.

had a pootle to the food stop cafe near bridgnorth, met kevin(darmah900) had full brekky,home and stuff off the kids for fathers day, repair roof and then pop to see my dad to take pressy and card.
now i am drinking a nice cup of tea :ugeek: