Tyres for a 900ss

need to replace the old tyres and need some suggestions please. General use with at the occasional track day.

Try Diablo Strada (Pirelli) noww replace with Angel/Devil but still being made and great, mine rear which I have just replaced has done 6,000 miles and two track day, ridden all year round.

I am running a Pirelli Diablo Corsa on the rear and a Super Corsa on the front. I have done two track days on them (Rockingham and Mallory) and a couple of thousand road miles and they are still road legal, although they will need replacement soon. I’ve got a set of Metzeler Racetechs lined up (they were cheap and I’m a tightarse) so I’ll let you know how I get on with them but if price wasn’t an issue I’d use the Pirellis every time as I love the progressive feel they give you.