wet back!

[size=150]Hi, loving my new Hyperstrada, but has anyone else found that every time you ride on wet roads your back gets completely covered in water and mud! Design issue me thinks.
Can you get a larger hugger? The tyre is wider than the hugger.
I have made a mud flap to fit below the number plate but this hasn’t stopped all of it! [/size]

Hi Captain, Yes totally agree. I found best solution was to take my wife on the back i’m dry now :laughing:

No but seriously its gonna be hard to find something like a mud flap or longer hugger i guess that doesnt ruin the look of the bike.

Still loving the Hyperstrada tho… the days of my Speed Triple are numbered as its just not getting used.



[size=150]Still a work in progress. I am getting there but I must be one of the only people that is adding splash guards and extending huggers. Carbon fibre kit arrived Thursday to make a larger splash guard. Job for the weekend. Should be fun, never used carbon fibre before!
But the trial one has made it a lot better.
Loving the Hyperstrada though. Done about 1500 miles on her now and I am getting into it now. Does bring out the hullagan in you!! It’s great.[/size]