whatever next

just had my bike fixed, new starter motor fitted last week, that was the reason could not ride to Horsham, but hey these things happen.
watched moto gp this morning, when it was finished the sun was streaming through the window roads dry, thats it i’m off for a ride.
one piece on ,sliders in place, right then lets go scratchin.
let the bike tick over whilst putting on helmet and gloves, sounds awesome really looking forward to this ride.
blip throttle snick into first off i go.bike feels great i feel even better.Four miles out of town, engine warm brain in gear lets go, drop down 2 gears wind throttle wide open
the exhausts growl bike accelorates just about to change up bike dies… shit must have hit rev limiter, change up bike starts to pull again phew!
500 yards later cuts out again, picks up cuts out noooo whats going on.tried this and that but became obvious it was not going to start.
so i had to call a man, a very very nice man.Meanwhile whilst waiting helmet off tried to start bike again it was then i realised i could not hear the fuel pump!
Anyway the aa man disconnected the main fuel line passed it through to the left side of the bike fitted a hand pump then ran a tube back to the main fuel line.
i had to ride home one handed , manually pumping the fuel to the carb but it got me home so big thanks to the very nice man.

Why am i writing all this ? because 30 mins ago i just wanted to go to the garage with a hammer :imp:
Now i realised it just needs a hug… its good to talk :wink:

Ducati ownership, never a dull moment.

Here’s my latest.
Been doing a few jobs on the 900 this weekend in preparation for the trip to the Classic Bol. Chain + Sprockets, oil + filter, blew the dust out of the clutch and cleaned the plates up, lube + new 0-rings on the clutch pushrod + cleaned the slave cylinder up.

Popped in the house to watch the last 10 laps of the GP then gave in to temptation and took the 916 out for a blast. 70 miles of Lincolnshires finest twisties later I pulled in at Willingham Woods picnic area which was fairly busy, maybe 80 or so bikes. One or two people looked round as I pulled in which is often the case when they hear the clutch rattling. I thought it was a bit louder than normal but with earplugs in I dismissed it.
However, as I got off I noticed that there was no clearance between the clutch spring caps and the clutch cover, in fact a couple of the caps had been rubbing on the inside of the cover, hence the increased rattle. Decided to let it cool down before I gave it a prod and poke, so one magnum and some quality sitting in the sun later I asked the lad parked next to me if he had any tools, he looked under his seat and produced a very good Triumph kit. A quick twirl with the 5mm allen key and the cover was off, nothing appeared to be terminally loose so I stuffed the bolts and cover in my jacket and rode gently home.
Inspection reveals that the clutch centre nut which should be tightened to several million Nm has come loose, the only visible damage apart from the scuffs on the spring caps is the disappearance of most of the small locating roll pin which has been beaten to dust.
Just another Ducati day.

what a difference a day makes. calm down think about it , ah right try the sender relay first, there it was unplugged!
just pushed it back started first time. :blush: cant wait for the Bol looking forward to the ride, should scrub my new back tyre in nicely!