WTB: Paso parts

Hello all . . .

I am in need of some parts for my Paso 750:

Lefthand side oil cooler cover (attaches to fairing)
Rubber fittings for both oil coolers (in the fairings)
Left side oil cooler (either side will do actuallu)
Fairing for headlamp
Left and right flasher/mirror assemblies
Battery strap
Rear brake foot lever with rubber
Front rubber gromet for gas tank to frame
Rear tail peice (on top of the taillight)
130/60 ZR16 front tire
Speedometer cable
Tachometer cable
Both oil filters
Weber carburetor rebuild kit
Rear fender/license plate holder

I AM interested in any other capatible parts you may have for sale as well - just run it by me.




As far as the front tyre goes, stick a 130/70 (Fireblade size) on it.
You won’t regret it. :smiley:

I am about to do that, still holding on to the hope I can get proper sizes tyres though, chopping swinging arm is a last resort…

How about 851 or 900 SS front/rear end, will it fit ???

Original tyres now as rare as rocking horse sh1t, and nowhere near as grippy. Putting the 130/70 in the front doesn’t mean changing anything permanently.
If you can get hold of a second hand 750/906 swinging arm you can mod that and keep your original. Then go to a 150/80 and it’s waaaaay better.
You can get a 907 or 851/888 swinging arm in, but it means changing everything from the s/arm spindle backwards, as none of the bits fit each other (like differnt size spindles, wrong sprocket and disc bolt holes, different caliper etc etc etc)
Tell you what, I’ll give you £50 for it!

I bet you will, I may get it done in the next few months, we can have a chat at the Southern about it I hope.

Roade it to Cholmondeley and it was great, thought it was dog slow, looked down and I was doing 110 !!

KPH? :laughing: