1098 Immobiliser Issues

Hi, anybody had any issues with an intermittent Immo error 37.5 on a 1098 or similar ? I’ve searched lots of other forums and it looks like the immobiliser isn’t always recognising the key as it will start right away if the key code is inputed. I wonder if the antennae ‘ring’ that wraps around the ignition key can go faulty and break down after 15 years, I have seen somebody mention a hairline crack in the casing and then the immobiliser not working after the bike has been washed … any thoughts or experiences greatly appreciated ! :slight_smile:

Just seen this. I recently had an immobiliser issue. In the rain i used to get 37.5 as the antennae got wet. But a couple of months ago i was in the Cotswolds on a (dry) day out and had 37.5 after i refilled with fuel. Thankfully it restarted and i returned home ok. The next time i went to go out i had a permanent 37.5 which wouldn’t clear. I went and bought a new antennae ring and it’s been faultless since. The other thing that can give you problems is if someone has fitted a carbon key surround. The antennae ring can slip down the key barrel enough to stop the antennae reading the key.

Thanks for the reply and the antennae does look like N01 suspect so far and I’ve got one on order. Will post an update here if its a success :slight_smile: