1098s 1st service - advice please

Hi guys and girls, some advice if you’d be kind enough please.

I purchased my amazing 1098s with the independent seller based “up north” who undertook the 1st service yet didn’t reset the notification on the dashboard, so now having hit 7.5k miles the notification has popped up. I don’t want to drive all the way back up there, so i think my options are the following:-

  1. They advise to ride through it and it will disappear after a few more miles — yet does that affect the next 15k service notification?
  2. Take it to my local dealer who can reset it for me - will they charge?

Thanks for any guidance and help, Cornish

Oh, I should’ve said that its been seen at Ducati dealers previously and has had the belts checked and changed previously so I’m not concerned about the values as they would’ve been done before.

If your invoice tells you what has been done then fine, 7500 miles is a small service, dealer may charge to reset or may refuse to reset as they have not done the service.

Thanks Martyn, my thoughts exactly.

So do you think the notification will disappear after a while?

I would have thought a dealer would charge, yet i’ll ask Mike Dawson at MD Racing (he’s around the corner to me) to see if he can sort it if not… :wink:

Ah, having spoken to Mike the notification will not “go away” and does need to be reset so i’ll pop over to him and get that done soonest. Thanks for the help though chaps.


No, it will not go away !!!