1100 S

After messing about for almost a year I have at last sold my ST 3 and bought a 2013 Monster 1100 S.
My first impressions are, it is just great. I can’t fault it .
What are the best options for luggage, it came with a Ducati tail bag which I think will be great for weekends.
But what about touring kit ?
Yes , I know it is not a tourer.
I am told there is a bigger screen available from a firm in Germany ?
The handbook says you must not change the screen ‘modes’ unless the bike is stationary, is this just a safety recommendation or is there a technical reason ?
What other accessories are there that are worthwhile ?
A fender extender for the front mudguard ? although as it is carbon fibre that may be a problem
I expect I will have other thoughts after a while
Thanks in anticipation
Philip Boobyer

Stop messing about and get a Multistrada :smiley:

I would do if I was a foot taller