1100s Multistrada workshop manual and chain adjust


New owner here, very impressed with the bike so far :smiley:

Being previously Guzzi, downside is being back to chains!

Wondering where I can find the best workshop manual, seen one on ebay that comes on cd, seems similar to the one I had for the Guzzi.

Also, where can I buy the wrench for chain adjustment?

Never worked on single sided swing arm before. Presume a jack in convenient place is the way to do it


Hello Mike.
Don’y know abut the workshop manual, but I would try your local Ducati dealer for a replacement C spanner.
I do my 1200 Multi adjuster on the side stand.

I am sure it’s the same adjuster as 916/748 range, done on side stand, I am not certain but I think you can do it by moving the rear plastic chain guard that is bolted to same adjuster.

Thanks to you both


Most of us use the chain guard, Make sure you retighten the clamp bolts in sequence 1-2-1 to the correct torque 31 Nm. The Manual used to be available free over on Multistrada.net, however I think that you can only now obtain from Ebay or a Duc dealer.

The “manual” that came with the bike simply says to take it to a dealer for chain adjustment

So I’m not sure what you mean in using the chain guard, I’ll have to get a manual and read up on it

Thanks for your response

Just loosen 2 eccentric clamp bolts on top rear of swing arm.
Leave bike on stand and rotate eccentric adjuster by gripping rear chain guard. It’s that easy. When chain is correct tension re tighten bolts to spec in my 1st reply.


Hey thanks, that sounds really straightforward :smiley: