1198 factory security system removal

been stranded to many times now when the ignition key hasn’t been recognised by the security system, (usually when the bike is wet or been washed) WD40 doesn’t always work & I’m not trusting the bike restarting again after I key off.
Anyone now how to disconnect it or bypass it? A steering lock (& 12 bore lol) is good enough for me as far as security goes.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can, it’s built in?
This happened to one of my mate’s Hypermotard a few months ago, due to water in the antenna.
We called home and got the override code from the card that should have come with the bike.
Do you have a card with a code number on it?

I’ve got the card with the code, spare key & key fob/alarm thing, I’m not gonna tap in a 13 digit code just to ride my bike. I think when I had it re-mapped, I was told the immobaliser can be disabled In race mode. (Don’t see many race bikes with ignition keys…) so I might be right?
I’ll chat with the tuning shop & ask for bigger flames on the over run while I’m at it lol