1198S owner in sunny Peterborough

Hello everyone,
signed up for membership at the BMF after a years ownership of my Ducati.
This is my first Ducati & it will be my last one… Cos it’s a keeper! :smiley:
No major mods apart from de-catting the “silencers” & fitting 50 mm bore baffles to compliment the BSD remap. This has given it a healthy torque curve & a peak of 170 bhp at the rear wheel resulting in plenty of smiles per miles.
Still clinging to my two stroke youth & own a CR250 crosser & an on-going CR500 supermoto project.
Looking forward to talking meeting like minded people within the club.

[size=150]Hi Andy, welcome to the club and forum. Pleased to hear you’re loving Ducati.
You have a great active branch near you. Go along and enjoy.


How many posts must I do before they stop requiring “reviewing” or I can contact other members?


You have to have 10 approved posts before you can post without moderation. This is clearly stated in the Rulebook for the forum



Oops :smiley:

It’s ok Andy, just get a few more posts in !!